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Laminated Brass Padlocks

The Master Lock Laminated Brass Keyed Alike Padlocks are organized by body width. You can select your model based on body and then choose one with the appropriate shackle height. You can key all 8KA's the same but they will not be able to be keyed to models 2KA, 4KA, or 6KA. Any 2KA, 4KA, and 6KA model can be keyed the same. You can also match these with their laminated steel counterparts (Models 1KA, 3KA, 5KA) If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact a padlock expert at 1-800-778-2217.

Master Lock Model #8

1-1/8 in (29mm) wide body

You can share the same key with any 7 or 8 model padlock, but please note these models won't be able to share a key with models 1 through 6.

All of the locks below models 1 through 6 may be keyed alike. Meaning, you can have the same key for any of the models below!

Master Lock Model #4

1- 9/16in  (40mm) body - 3/4" (19mm) Shackle Clearance